Throw-away is so yesterday. Reuse is the new norm.


Stadiums. Arenas. Concerts. Malls. Airports. Aquariums. Museums. Zoos. Theme parks.

How much more enjoyable would all of these places be with nothing to throw away?

Just two decades ago, we lived in a world where people smoked everywhere from the workplace to the grocery store to planes and trains. Now, Smoke-Free Places are so ingrained in our minds and culture, we don’t even consider that someone might light up in a bar or on the subway.

Enter the next wave: Throw-Away-Free Places. Successful reusable systems are not only possible, they are more sustainable for the environment and the economy. Avoiding toxic exposure from plastic and disposable packaging is cleaner for both people and the planet. Throw-Away-Free Places will make waves toward a better, brighter #Refillution.

Watch our Program Director Jamie Rhodes present on Throw-Away-Free Places at the R.I. Task Force to Tackle Plastic Pollution from Oct. 5, 2018. Video credit: ecoRI News.

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