We believe there’s a better way - where we get what we want without all the waste.

Where people take pride in the steps they and their community have taken to reduce throw-away packaging. Where businesses partner with community leaders to provide healthy, nutritious food served in reusable cups and containers. Where we have way more fun innovating new ways of experiencing and delivering the bounty of human creativity than the limited throw-away model that stifles our imagination.

Throw-Away-Free Places

Remember smoke-free places? We’re taking it to the next level. Imagine if you could get what you want without all the waste.

Throw-Away-Free Communities

Forgot your cup? We’ve got you covered. Imagine if all coffee shops and restaurants had reusable cups and to-go boxes.

Join the #Refillution

Throw-away is so yesterday. Join the movement to make reuse the new norm.

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Plastics Exposed

Ever heard of BPA? That’s just one of thousands of toxic chemicals found in plastic.

Wonder what the best alternatives are to the worst plastic products? Read our report.

Are you ready to #breakfreefromplastic? We helped create and are co-leading the U.S. movement.