From the right to know and duty to inquire flows the obligation to act.
— Sandra Steingraber
Bamboo cutlery by  SaidoniaEco

Bamboo cutlery by SaidoniaEco


Ask for plastic-free meals when eating out. Bring reusable containers for take-out food & beverages. Refuse straws & extra packaging. Bottle your own water, bring cutlery as necessary, BYOBag & don’t accept packaging you don’t need.


Celebrate businesses cutting out single-use plastic. Snap a pic at the business, tag the business and post photos on social media. Tag @upstreampolicy too & we’ll repost. Snap it, tag it, post it! Ask food service providers, including delivery services, to reduce disposable plastics and provide reusable packaging options.

Consider hosting a screening of Jack Johnson's documentary Smog of the Sea in your community. 


Call out businesses causing the pollution. If you see plastic pollution with a company name/logo on it - snap a pic, tag the company (e.g. @McDonalds) and post photos of their plastic trash on social media. Tag @upstreampolicy too & we’ll repost. Snap it, tag it, post it! 

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When you shop, ask the business owner to consider alternatives to single-use disposables. Let them know how much it means to you to go plastic-free. Ask them to develop strategies to reduce plastic packaging. In addition to pollution, let them know emerging science shows toxins leaching from plastics into food.


If you have high level corporate contacts for plastic-polluting businesses, contact them about this problem or connect us with them.


Support local, regional and national legislation banning single-use plastics and the candidates who support it.


Make a tax-deductible donation to UPSTREAM today and support our work throughout the country.