In coordination with Plastic Pollution Coalition & other partners across the globe, we are creating an online toolkit.

Together, we are producing and deploying a web-based portal for policymakers and advocates to advance policies and best practices to prevent waste and reduce plastic pollution. 


Worldwide, governments are seeking ways to reduce plastic pollution. But right now, policymakers and advocates do not have an online resource to understand and advance the best policies and practices to prevent waste and reduce plastic pollution. This resource will compile the tools and stories from those who have been successful in developing and implementing programs. By aggregating existing and new resources, the website will connect advocates, share knowledge, and provide clear direction to users to expand plastic reduction policies and citizen engagement programs.

The online Global Plastic Reduction Toolkit online web portal will serve as a comprehensive set of resources to propose, pass, and implement legislation to regulate or restrict single-use plastic (bags, food packaging, bottles, straws, micro beads, etc.). Content will include highlighted best practices from the successful adoption of legislation in cities, states, regions, and countries worldwide. From this portal, engaged stakeholders (regulators and advocates) can employ best practices to systematically push back against the plastics and fossil fuel industries by demanding more sustainable consumption models.

The rapid growth in the number and types of legislative efforts to limit single-use plastics - especially with regard to plastic bags - is an exciting development in the movement to eliminate plastic pollution. Worldwide, plastic bag regulations are on the rise, as an ever-increasing number of cities, regions, and countries have adopted bans or fees on plastic bags. Yet thousands of jurisdictions across the globe still lack any policies encompassing single-use plastic. In addition, policymakers and advocates do not currently have a “go-to” resource to access the collective experience and knowledge from those engaged in prior efforts to prevent plastic pollution.

Partners from around the world have come together around a common vision to create this joint project, collecting an effective suite of resources, available online in an easily searchable and browseable format,  in multiple languages. Through the easy accessibility of resources, international relevance of examples and information, and dedicated staff support, community leaders will be more readily able to advance proven policies that aid in developing Zero Waste cities.


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