We are advocating for legislation to hold industry responsible & CONNECT THE CAP

Our Policy Director Miriam Gordon is leading the fight for tethering bottle caps to disposable bottles, along with our partner Nick Lapis of Californians Against Waste. Read their collaborative op-ed here.

According to the North Sea Foundation, plastic bottle caps are among the top 5 culprits of beach litter. They estimate there are about 19 bottle caps per 100 meters on non-tourist beaches.

AB 319 is critical legislation for protecting marine ecosystems, especially endangered species such as the albatross. 90% of seabirds have been found to have plastic in their stomachs. Connecting caps to bottles will ensure the plastic stays together to get recycled together--rather than seabirds mistaking the caps for food & feeding them to their chicks.

The plastic bag bans out of California have influenced the rest of the country as well as the world.

AB 319 has the power to influence industrial design nationally as well as globally to eliminate harmful bottle cap pollution.



  • Sign the petition urging Nestle, Coca Cola, & Pepsi to Connect their Caps here.
  • Join the Social Media Storm with the hashtags: #ConnectTheCap



  • Join the Phone2Action campaign here.
  • Call your California Assembly Member - Find yours here.
  • Sample phone script: Hi, my name is _____ and I live in ______, California. I’m calling to ask Assembly Member _____ to support of AB 2779, which requires that beverage manufacturers connect plastic caps to the bottles. 5 billion plastic caps end up in the environment every year just in California. Plastic caps litter streets, parks, waterways, and oceans, and they harm wildlife who mistake them for food. Not to mention my taxpayer dollars that go towards cleaning them up. When caps are tethered to the bottles, they can be recycled together, which will help California reach our goal of reaching 75 percent recycling. Thank you!
  • Write a letter to your newspaper editor expressing the urgency of environmental concerns.

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UPSTREAM is organizing a conference to engage leaders in public health, marine environment, environmental justice, medicine, business, and policy in recognizing plastics as a human health threat.